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EvoDragon Rules & Guidelines

These rules apply at all times, whether you are logged in or not. If you have any questions or
concerns about the rules, you may contact a staff member to clarify.

For a list of Tag Box Rules and Guidelines, click here.

Each time you break a rule, you will be given a warning.
After three (3) warnings, your account will be suspended.

1. Treat others as you want to be treated. Do not be rude or mean in any public area.

2. If you find a glitch, please report it as soon as possible. Do not abuse the glitch as it will give you an unfair advantage. You can send us a support ticket or d-mail a moderator or an administrator on the site.

3. Each user may have one account only. Using multiple accounts gives you an unfair advantage over other users. If you are found to have more than one account, ALL the accounts in question will be terminated. Switching accounts is not, under any circumstances, allowed. If you have made a new account, your previous account will be frozen and you will start the new account with nothing!

4. Scamming is not tolerated. Scamming includes, but is not limited to: Asking others for their password, asking for personal information, and impersonating staff. EvoDragon staff will never ask you for your password.

5. Sexual or pornographic content of any sort is not tolerated.

6. Discussion of any other virtual pet sites is PROHIBITED anywhere on Evodragon.

7. As religious and political conversations often lead to disagreements and arguments, this type of discussion is restricted to the proper debate forums or your private d-mailings with a consenting reader. Remember to be respectful at all times, as these are sensitive issues.

8. Swearing is strictly PROHIBITED. Anyone caught swearing will pay a MINIMUM fine of 1,000,000 DC and limitations will be imposed to their account, including immediate suspension.

9. Anyone caught using auto refreshers, auto buyers or any other program to gain an unfair advantage will have their account and IP address instantly frozen.

10. Advertising anywhere but the advertising forum is not allowed. Anyone caught doing this will be given a warning. *Advertising* is defined as: Posting an ad for a specific shop or club on the tagbox or in any forum except for the advertising forum. Indirectly leading others to read the ad by posting a request elsewhere to go to the ads forum. Asking for a specific item, such as an item needed for a questing game.

11. You cannot sell your pets. Anyone found doing this will be subject to an immediate account suspension.

12. Telling other users the right or the wrong answers to games (such as Trivia) is a violation of the game rules and of EvoDragon rules. A warning will immediately be given to the offending account(s) with the possibility of harsher disciplinary actions later, up to and including account termination.

13. This is an ENGLISH speaking web site and as such all members are required to converse in English as we do not have interpreters available to translate conversations in other languages.

14. Do not argue with staff members. If you believe you are being dealt with unjustly, or that you are right and a staff member is harassing you, DMail an Administrator. Do not argue back and forth.

**Staff are also subject to these rules**

If you see something that you don't like on EvoDragon, please submit a Support Ticket.
We love to hear what you have to say!

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